Feb 9

Activity Feed Change

We made a big change to the Activity Feed you see on the front page when you’re signed into Grouvee today. Before, if you didn’t have any friends on the site, there would just be a little message that said “you don’t have friends, add them.” That’s not really what Grouvee is about. We want you to see what other gamers have similar interests to you, and discover other games you might enjoy through them.

Today, we changed the front page feed to let you see activity based on games that are on your shelves. If you add Portal 2 to your shelf, then you’re going to see activities for Portal 2 in your Games feed. This way you can see what other people think about Portal 2, and maybe you’ll click through somebody’s profile and shelves and discover some other cool games that you didn’t even know about. That’s the hope anyway.

If you do have friends on Grouvee, you’re still going to see the same feed you’re used to seeing, but you’ll have the option to see activities based on your games simply by clicking on the Games link underneath Recent Activity on the front page.

We hope this change is for the better. We think it makes people feel a little more connected to what’s going on in Grouvee. As always, leave us feedback using the feedback button the right side of ever page, or email me,