Grouvee Roadmap

Here’s a short list of things that are on our definite todo list:

  • Allow users to like/dislike (agree/disagree) with a review
  • Make it so your friend’s reviews and ratings are the first thing you see on a game’s page
  • Let a user feature a shelf on their profile page
  • Give each user a unique invite link that they can share with their friends so that when their friend uses that link to sign up, they are automatically friends on Grouvee.
  • Export your data to a csv file
  • Let users find friends via Facebook and Twitter
  • Some type of recommendations engine (we think we have a decent enough dataset that this will actually be meaningful).
  • Let users specify a platform for a game on a shelf (this way you can say you’re Playing the Xbox 360 version of a game, or Own the PS3 version, etc.)
  • Community and possibly individual lists. An individual list would more or less be an ordered shelf. A community list is a list someone in the community creates, and then everyone can vote on the order.